CBT Bristol & Bath

I offer CBT in Bristol & Bath. My practice is based in Keynsham, on the south-eastern borders of Bristol. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that the way we think about situations can affect the way we feel and behave. It is normal to have negative and unpleasant thoughts, but these thoughts can become unhelpful when they begin to really interfere with who we want to be. We can end up getting stuck in vicious cycles, where the way we respond to our thoughts and feelings may actually end up feeding the problem.

The first phase of CBT is what is sometimes called a 'formulation'. A formulation is a shared understanding of what you are experiencing and what might be keeping you stuck. This is an essential part of therapy, as it helps to guide us towards ways of breaking unhelpful patterns and reclaiming what is deeply meaningful to us. For some people, just having a formulation alone can be very powerful. 

CBT also involves learning about emotions, and how the mind and body work. This is sometimes called 'psycho-education' in therapy. I provide people with relevant information, drawing from psychology research and neuroscience, which people find very helpful in making sense of their experiences. I share this information in a way that is easy to understand.

The second phase of CBT is exploring ways to break the unhelpful vicious cycles. This can involve practising a variety of different coping strategies, such as breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, assertiveness skills, or behavioural experiments to challenge unhelpful thoughts. These strategies can be practised within and outside the sessions. Change can be challenging, and so we would always be exploring together any obstacles that may come up along the way. Any exercises would be jointly agreed within the sessions, and you would not be pressured to complete homework.

CBT can be just focused on your present difficulties, or it can involve making some links with your past learning. It can be short-term or longer-term, based on your individual needs.

Clinical Psychologists have training in a range of different psychological theories, research, and evidence-based therapies. Having this integrative approach means that I am able to apply what may be most relevant and helpful for your own individual needs. CBT can be integrated with
Mindfulness and Attachment-Based Therapy.

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