Mindfulness Bristol

I offer Mindfulness therapy in Bristol. My practice is based in Keynsham, on the south-eastern borders of Bristol. Mindfulness can be a powerful way of learning to relate and respond to all experiences, including difficult thoughts and feelings. With regular practice, it can lead to many benefits for our well-being. As someone who practices mindfulness myself, I am familiar with the benefits as well as the challenges. For these reasons, I often integrate Mindfulness into therapy.

Mindfulness is the awareness of our experiences (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment) in the present moment, with acceptance. Although mindfulness originates in Buddhism, you do not have to have spiritual beliefs in order to benefit from it.

It is only through practising mindfulness that we discover that we are rarely fully present to life experience. Our minds have a habit of continuously being pulled away from the present moment. We are often preoccupied with past or future events. Or we may be trying to control our experiences by pushing certain thoughts or feelings away.

Mindfulness can help us to:

  • Step out of being in autopilot or caught up with unhelpful thought patterns.
  • Be in touch with the immediate reality of our sensations in the moment – where we feel most alive.
  • Observe unhelpful or critical thoughts rather than get caught up in them, meaning they lose their power.
  • Strengthen our minds muscle for paying attention to one thing at a time.
  • Learn to 'be with' unpleasant feelings when they arise, so that they become less threatening to us over time.
  • Slow down and pause: stepping into 'being mode' to give your mind a break from 'doing mode'.
  • Increase our self-awareness, and help us to make better choices.
  • Build a stance of acceptance and self-compassion.
It can take time to make mindfulness part of our lives and we come up against many challenges as we practice. It can be helpful to practice mindfulness exercises within the sessions to begin with.

Mindfulness can be used alongside
CBT or Attachment-Based Therapy.

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